AI usecase Workshop

Digitalization is the driving force in getting ready businesses for the future, but it is a quagmire to navigate. Where to start? How can you make sure you don’t fail? 

Give more power to AI solutions!

Address real business challenges

Most off the shelf or custom built AI solutions exist simply because of the hype around Digitalization and AI, but there is no real business case behind them.

Create internal ambassadors

AI solutions are driven from either management or HQ initiatives, or have an external force advocating for them. However, internal acceptance is often low and there is no-one to champion a solution.

Confirm your culture and infrastructure

Even the most digitally advanced organizations might lack to culture to adapt an AI solution, and even the most innovative and culturally flexible entities might lack the infrastructure to support a Digital service.

the use cases you need!

During a half-day workshop, we enable you to begin Digitalizing! Together with your team, we gather the user stories and challenges, create novel use cases your organization can be excited about and check their feasability!


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