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A metric for brand perception on social media

Social media became one of the main communication channels between brands and customers, as well as a place where supporters and opposers of a brand or company can gather and voice their opinions. But how can we use Data Science and Machine Learning to understand brand perception better? Check out our blogpost!


Industry 4.0 – 8 Interesting AI Success Stories

Companies in various industries have applied artificial intelligence in a revolutionary form. We have reached the era of Industry 4.0, which means autonomous systems are making an appearance, IoT devices allow people to measure anything and machine learning is becoming more and more popular among the everyday operation of companies. In the following, we present […]


Can Artificial Intelligence help to solve their packaging problem?

The inspiration for this blog post lies at an article that I came across on the Dutch technology website They announced that, the Dutch equivalent of Amazon, put a new multi-packaging machine into production. This machine is able to package multiple items into a single box and thus would lead to a reduction […]


5 Cool Things AI can do with Language

We have all seen sci-fi movies in which an Artificial Intelligence (AI) can communicate with humans in a way that is indistinguishable from real humans.  A task that has proven to be very difficult in real life. Languages don’t have fixed rules, are ever-changing, and are not set. While humans have an intuition to pick up […]


Digitization vs Digitalization: The difference explained

Digitalization is one of the great buzzwords of the world, and for good reason: it is futuristic, mystical, and yet can provide great value to organizations if done correctly. However, it is often confused with another, similar sounding word: digitization. Even though they sound alike, these two terms don’t mean or describe the same thing. […]


The Art of Data Science

If we asked 10 different people “What is data science?”, we would probably get 10 different answers. In essence data science is what data scientists do. Not very helpful now, is it? In the following post we provide you our view on data science. Stay tuned to find out about the art of data science. What […]