COMPUTD and Databroker join forces to bring machine learning algorithms to the masses!

With December in full swing, the COMPUTD team is hard at work! We recently teamed up with Databroker to bring machine-learning and data enrichment solutions to data buyers and sellers on Databroker’s marketplace.

Based in Belgium, Databroker is the marketplace for data that was built by SettleMint [a Blockchain-Platform-as-a-Service company]  in 2017. The aim of Databroker’s peer-to-peer marketplace for data is to bring data buyers and sellers together for a winning match. It offers: 

  • easy access to large communities of data buyers and sellers, 
  • one platform to manage all aspects of your data transactions
  • guaranteed security, reliability and privacy thanks to blockchain technology
  • available as PaaS.

Yet, once businesses have found a way to collect or source the data they need, the next challenge is to organise it, structure it and extract the intelligence hidden within. We know that data science holds the key, but extracting valuable insights can still be difficult because of the complex and time-consuming data analytics processes needed.

This is where COMPUTD comes in. Our mission is to make machine-learning solutions accessible and widely available to everyone. A branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning systems and tools can learn from large quantities of data, identify patterns and deliver useful results with little human interaction.

Solutions to extract intelligence and create value

Through the partnership, COMPUTD will offer a variety of services that perfectly complement Databroker’s mission of bringing data buyers and sellers together and ensuring secure and easy exchange of data.

Some of these include:

  • Pre-trained machine learning algorithms as a service for quick and easy data analytics 

    COMPUTD offer generic machine learning algorithms – pre-trained on a large benchmark dataset to tackle similar data analytics problems. By sending datasets through the Databroker-enabled API (Application Interface), the algorithms will provide immediate analyses in return, saving valuable time and resources compared to using models that need to be trained from scratch.
    Algorithms include sentiment analysis, word-embeddings and spam/ham classifications. 
  • Technical partnerships with individual data sellers

    COMPUTD’s expert data scientists can offer data sellers tailor-made solutions for cleaning, enriching and structuring their data, making it much more marketable and valuable than raw data.
    This is particularly interesting for companies that hope to develop robust revenue streams by selling data, and build a solid portfolio of satisfied clients thanks to the quality of their data on the Databroker’s marketplace.

 Spreading the Databroker message

COMPUTD co-founder and data scientist Marcell Ignéczi, is excited about the partnership, which will be mutually beneficial to both COMPUTD and Databroker customers.

“We are happy to raise awareness about Databroker amongst our clients, from two different perspectives: buying data when needed for one of our clients, and advising on how they can monetise non-business critical data.”

Marcell Ignéczi, Co-founder COMPUTD

Ignéczi went on to say: “Databroker has true potential as a platform to further the ubiquity of cooperation with data, increasing the efficiency of business processes and the potential for data science and AI. As COMPUTD, we are extremely interested in seeing how [Databroker] will assist the shift towards digitalisation in the world!”

Vincent Bultot, DataMatch Advisor at Databroker also sees mutual benefits in the partnership:

“By onboarding COMPUTD on the platform, Databroker will pilot its Data eXchange Controller for peer-to-peer API sharing using COMPUTD algorithms, and promote COMPUTD AI services to other data providers that want to enrich their data sets.

Vincent Bultot, DataMatch Advisor at Databroker

Want to know how this partnership can benefit your business? Let’s get in touch!

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