Ontdek de belangrijkste trends in BI, AI en data-analyse die nu relevant zijn in Nederlandse bedrijven. Leer over de nieuwste ontwikkelingen in Business Intelligence, Kunstmatige Intelligentie en data-driven besluitvorming. Implementeer BI-tools, machine learning en AI voor groei in uw bedrijf. Lees over de trends die ertoe doen!
In de snel veranderende zakelijke wereld van vandaag is het van essentieel belang voor bedrijven om efficiënt te opereren en […]
Digitalization is one of the great buzzwords of the world, and for good reason: it is futuristic, mystical, and yet […]
Aim of predictive analytics
Learn more about practical examples of predictive analytics your business needs. Click to find out through 6 simple and powerful examples presented by us!
On this blog, we discussed the 4 stages businesses will go through during and after the COVID-19 epidemic and crisis. […]
Maturity of Data and Analytics In this blog, we will discuss two generally applicable models that help you determine in […]
Something that we as entrepreneurs have realized is that social media can be a huge time sink. However, in modern times it is not something that you can ignore. You want to know what your clients think and say about your business and stay on top of it. As your organization grows, the time that you have left for social media decreases. That does not mean that the importance of social media decreases. On the contrary, it is becoming ever more vital to your business. What role does sentiment analysis play in this?


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