Launch AI – Incubator

The AI Incubator is a specialized program designed for deep development and nurturing of AI projects. It offers an environment where ideas can be cultivated, tested, and refined with the support of expert guidance and state-of-the-art resources. This incubator is the perfect platform for corporations aiming to develop groundbreaking AI initiatives that can redefine their industry.

The AI Incubator is the final, yet pivotal phase in your AI journey, designed to transform specialized AI products and services into scalable, standard offerings that can be seamlessly integrated across your entire company.


It is where AI innovation becomes a tangible asset for your entire company, marking the transition from bespoke AI projects to standardized, powerful tools that drive efficiency and innovation across all business operations.

Choosing an AI Incubator is a strategic decision best suited for stages where AI solutions are ready to be scaled and refined for market readiness. It’s ideal for businesses looking for comprehensive support, from development to commercialization, and seeking to leverage the collaborative and resource-rich environment that incubators offer.

What is it

Scaling Custom AI Solutions: The primary goal of the AI Incubator is to take the custom AI solutions developed in the Design Sprint and refine them into off-the-shelf offerings. This process ensures that these innovative solutions are accessible and applicable throughout your organization, not just in niche areas.

Creating Standardized AI Offerings: We focus on standardizing these AI solutions, making them user-friendly and easily adoptable across different departments and functions within your company. This standardization is key to ensuring a consistent and efficient AI deployment company-wide.

Versatile Technology Platform: The incubator utilizes a standard technology platform that is robust and versatile, capable of supporting a wide array of use cases. This platform is the backbone of our incubation process, enabling the rapid deployment and integration of AI solutions into your existing business ecosystem.

Iterative Development and Refinement: The incubation process is iterative, involving continuous development, testing, and refinement of AI offerings. This approach ensures that the solutions are not only technologically advanced but also highly relevant and effective in addressing the diverse needs of your business

Why choose it

Scaling AI Solutions: If your business has a promising AI prototype or proof of concept, an AI Incubator helps in scaling it into a fully functional, market-ready solution.

Access to Expertise and Resources: AI Incubators provide access to specialized expertise, advanced technological resources, and mentorship, which are crucial for the development of sophisticated AI solutions.

Navigating Integration Challenges: For businesses facing complexities in integrating AI solutions into existing systems, AI Incubators offer guidance and support to navigate these challenges effectively.

Long-Term AI Development: If your AI project requires long-term development and nurturing, an incubator provides the environment and time necessary for such extensive work.

Networking and Collaboration Opportunities: AI Incubators often connect businesses with a network of tech experts, potential investors, and industry partners, fostering collaboration and growth opportunities.

Comprehensive Support for Commercialization: Beyond development, AI Incubators assist in the commercialization process, including market analysis, business model development, and compliance with regulations.

When to consider it

Post-Prototype Development: Once a prototype or proof of concept has been developed, and it shows potential for broader application and commercial success.

When Scaling Up AI Projects: If your business is ready to transition from small-scale experiments or pilots to larger, more comprehensive AI implementations.

During Advanced Stages of AI Integration: When your company requires specialized support to integrate AI solutions into complex business processes or systems.

Seeking Long-Term Development Support: If your AI project is ambitious and requires a longer developmental runway with consistent support and resources.

When Exploring Business Expansion through AI: If your company is looking to leverage AI for entering new markets or significantly enhancing current offerings.

Need for Networking and Collaborative Growth: When looking to benefit from the collaborative environment and networking opportunities that incubators provide, particularly with other tech companies and potential investors.