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Software Engineer (Python/Django)

We are scouting for a seasoned Medior/Senior Software Engineer with a deep well of experience in Python and Django, poised to work independently and collaboratively. In this dual-faceted role at COMPUTD, you’ll be instrumental in both client-centric and in-house initiatives, bridging the gap between creative software engineering and the analytical world of our Data Experts and Data Scientists.

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Junior Data Scientist

COMPUTD is looking for a junior data scientist who can work independently. We offer the possibility to work on in-house projects as well as work with our clients either as a consultant or as a hands-on data scientist. You are expected to have knowledge on the latest technologies and can work with data and production-grade environments. You are client-oriented and know how to explain complex AI systems to decision makers. 

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Data Scientist / Data Expert

We are searching for a Data Scientist/Data Expert, proficient in AI. This role suits individuals who excel in both independent initiatives and collaborative projects. At COMPUTD, you will engage in a variety of tasks, from in-depth internal development to dynamic client-facing roles, contributing significantly to our AI and data science endeavors.

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