Software Engineer (Python/Django)

COMPUTD is scouting for a seasoned Medior/Senior Software Engineer with a deep well of experience in Python and Django, poised to work independently and collaboratively. In this dual-faceted role at COMPUTD, you’ll be instrumental in both client-centric and in-house initiatives, bridging the gap between creative software engineering and the analytical world of our Data Experts and Data Scientists.


  • Craft and fine-tune advanced web applications with Python and Django
  • Spearhead both client-driven and internal software projects
  • Sync with Data Experts and Scientists for seamless AI and data integration
  • Design robust, production-grade environments within Microsoft’s ecosystem
  • Manage code lifecycle, from development to deployment, with an emphasis on clean, efficient code practices
  • Approve pull requests ensuring code quality and integrity
  • Architect and maintain CI/CD pipelines for seamless integration and delivery processes
  • Decode technical concepts for stakeholders and decision-makers

Who Are You?

  • Equipped with substantial experience in Python, and the Microsoft tech stack.
  • Proven experience in building containerized applications and familiarity with microservices.
  • You take joy in further growing the skillset of your junior team members by explaining best practices and code reviews.
  • has a keen eye for making technical designs that maximize stability and minimize maintenance cost.
  • Holder of a Bachelor’s or Master’s in Software Engineering or a similar discipline.
  • Experienced in developing scalable enterprise solutions.
  • A team player adept at integrating into various team sizes with ease.
  • An excellent communicator fluent in English; Dutch or German is advantageous.
  • Authorized to work in the EU.

Why Work for Us?

  • Tackle international, cutting-edge projects
  • Collaborate with a diverse, international team
  • Create impactful, intelligent solutions
  • Focus on personal and professional development
  • Immerse in the dynamic start-up culture
  • Participate in team-building and social events
  • Leave a positive impact on the world by combatting food waste with our internal initiative

Technologies We Use:

  • Python, Django
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud, Azure DevOps
  • A variety in database solutions and Database Management
  • Version Control Systems like git
  • CI/CD Tools

Join Our Team

Keen to take on this exciting role? Apply by sending your CV and a cover letter to